As with any non-profit organization, we rely solely on the contributions of our supporters to run the Annapolis Dragon Boat Club. Our expenses include such things as mooring fees, boat purchases and maintenance, outreach efforts, administration and communication tools like this website.

Our supporters contribute to the financial foundation of the Club in two different ways.

– They can contribute any amount at any time through our GoFundMe site — Click Here.

– They can become Sponsors for a single event or sustaining Sponsors over the course of the year.

All Sponsors and supporters are treasured by the Club members. Sponsors in particular benefit from the increasing visibility of the Club. Our recent Guinness World Record event in Annapolis drew spectators from around the region, and VIPs from every level of government. And in 2018 we will be representing the State of Maryland in the 2018 IBCPC Participatory Dragon Boat Festival in Florence, Italy.

We are proud to play such a prominent role on behalf of breast cancer survivors. To continue our efforts, we need your help.

Please consider some level of support, as a Sponsor or a Donor.

For more information on how Sponsorships are managed and what they provide, contact us at