Steering Skill Set

  1. Steerers must be familiar with the IDBF Members Handbook Safety Policy and Maryland Department of Natural Resources water safety and boat handling information.
  2. The steerer is ultimately responsible for the safety of the boat and the crew and all decisions must have regard to safety above all else. The steerer must be aware of current, forecast and possible changing weather conditions with a view to proper operation on the water and be on the lookout for potential dangers and conflicts whilst under way. Decisions will be based on consultations with ADBC Operations Committee.
  3. The steerer must be able to demonstrate at a minimum the following skills in all weather and load conditions:
    • The ability to command the full attention and confidence of the crew with voice commands and direction, demonstrated without electronic amplification.
    • An understanding of the balance characteristics of the dragon boat
    • The demonstrated ability to balance the boat to compensate for weight differences in paddlers by repositioning paddlers and by adjusting the steerer’s stance and placement in the stern as necessary
    • Be able to load the boat, assist crew in and out of boat, keeping the dock area clear and unobstructed during operations
    • Have full knowledge of all standard commands to the crew, including Sit Ready/ Paddles Up/ Hold Water/ Let it Ride/ Brace the Boat/ Prepare to Back Paddle
    • The ability to back up the boat under power, exit and return to the dock.
    • The ability to turn the boat on its axis with the steering oar only.
    • The ability to execute left and right turns under power without the risk of loosing balance, swamping or turning the boat over.
    • The ability to steer a straight course for 1,000 meters and bring the boat to a safe stop, whilst maintaining control over the crew and boat

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Guinness World Record -

August 26, 2017

WE HAVE OFFICIALLY MADE HISTORY!!! These amazing #dragonwarriors have just made the Guinness World Records for Breast Cancer#Survivors paddling a half marathon --The crew of 22 breast cancer survivors finished in two hours, 49 minutes and 59 seconds.  for 13.1 miles!!

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