Committee CHAIRPERSON Maureen Rice


September 16, 2017  
Dink for Pink Pickle Ball Tournament Fundraiser 

September 23, 2017 
Soft Paddle

October 7, 2017 
RACE Philadelphia 

October, 2017 
Brighton Fundraiser 

October 24, 2017
STEM Presentation Annapolis Library

***Tuesday and Thursday Practices  (Sign up on Practice Sign Up page)
(April-October) 6:00 pm arrive at dock, 6:10 dry land stretch, 6:20 load boats, 6:30-7:30 on the water, 7:30 dryland cool down 7:45 volunteer members bring lite snacks & drinks to share

Once a Month 7:45 PIZZA after Thursday practices, before Race weekends, to cheer our team, $5 a person, please bring drinks to share.

June 23, July 7, Aug. 4 and Sept 22.
By Appointment Contact Louise Kirk, to schedule FREE private stroke sessions throughout the season, if you want some extra help. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Guinness World Record -

August 26, 2017

WE HAVE OFFICIALLY MADE HISTORY!!! These amazing #dragonwarriors have just made the Guinness World Records for Breast Cancer#Survivors paddling a half marathon --The crew of 22 breast cancer survivors finished in two hours, 49 minutes and 59 seconds.  for 13.1 miles!!

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