An Introduction to Annapolis Dragon Boat Club

We are excited to have you paddle with us!

Practices will be on Tuesdays, Thursdays, at 6 p.m. and every other Saturday morning.  New members are encouraged to practice on Tuesdays initially. Practices are usually 1.5 hrs. long. During any bursts of interest in "guest" sign ups, the schedule includes 2 paddle departures on Tuesdays. (See Sign Up page.)

Each Tuesday evening, we have our "Open to the Public Paddle." You can sign-up for practices on our signup spreadsheet. In order to give us a way to contact you through email, we prefer that you first email Membership to express your interest in paddling. To reserve a seat in the boat, then enter your name + "guest" in the column under the date on the Google document for practice sign ups. If practice is canceled due to weather, it is posted on the sign up sheet. If we have your email address, you will be alerted.

You may paddle with us free of charge for 2 or 3 times! (See Membership Page) 

Want to learn more about how to paddle? Please check out the videos on our website: Paddle a Dragon Boat

Here are the essentials on What to Wear and Bring to practice:

  • Comfortable quick-dry pants, any length
  • T-shirt or fitness top; for cooler temperatures, a quick-dry additional layer (with long sleeves, you will need to push up 1 sleeve on the arm “outside” the boat)
  • Water shoes, Crocs, or flip-flops
  • Seat cushion (ex: kayak seat cushion, garden pad, piece of cushy rubber carpet padding)
  • Hat, visor, or headband to secure your hair and protect your face from sun
  • Water bottle
  • Sun screen & sunglasses

What the club supplies:  paddle, PFD, dragon boat (we may even have spare seat pads & water bottles), instruction & coaching, as well as camaraderie, motivation, and increased mental focus!

Please print and fill out the waiver and bring to your first paddle: "Annapolis Dragon Boat Club WaiverPDF.

For more information, view our printable "Paddling for the First Time" PDF.

See our club having "Fun on the Water:"



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Guinness World Record -

August 26, 2017

WE HAVE OFFICIALLY MADE HISTORY!!! These amazing #dragonwarriors have just made the Guinness World Records for Breast Cancer#Survivors paddling a half marathon --The crew of 22 breast cancer survivors finished in two hours, 49 minutes and 59 seconds.  for 13.1 miles!!

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